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Be proactive with your customers during delivery

Offer your customers a positive and engaging experience and reassure them by informing them at each stage of the delivery process.

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#Team Circuit

Notify your customers in real-time

“What’s the status of my order?” CIRCUIT responds to these kinds of questions by sending proactive and personalized delivery notifications that allow you to reassure your customers by keeping them up-to- date and by significantly reducing the number of calls and emails to your after-sales service.


Real-time order tracking

Give your customers a 5-star experience thanks to a tracking link that they will systematically receive by email and SMS.

They will also be able to see the route of the delivery driver from the starting point to their home.

Anticipate your delivery problems

Incidents may occur throughout the delivery process, and usually, it is your customers who report these problems to you. With CIRCUIT, you can automatically detect your delivery issues and deal with these problems before your customers even know it!

– Real-time alerts in case of issues
– Prioritizing delivery issues
– Detection of delivery delays

Technology at the service of your customer relationship

You strengthen your customer loyalty

Thanks to your delivery notifications, you keep in touch with your customers during delivery and give them visibility on their order; from purchase to delivery!

You reduce your contact rate

Proactive communication with your customers throughout the delivery helps you to significantly reduce requests to your customer service (calls, emails, chat, etc.).

Connect to YOUR interface

From your business. No development required. Immediate access.

Connect to our API

Link your e-commerce site to our software. Immediately offer your customers the best possible delivery experience.

Download our application

Download our CIRCUIT app available on app stores (App Store or Google Play) and give your delivery people the most technically efficient tools.

Analyze your post-purchase performance

Once your orders are dispatched, you generally lack visibility into the performance and quality of your deliveries. With CIRCUIT, you can control everything that happens after your orders have been dispatched. You follow your delivery times by a delivery person and can analyze your delivery incidents.

Track your package

Centralization of information

You can follow in real-time the delivery information of all your orders shipped on a single interface.

Advanced multi-criteria search

You can easily find the information on your packages from data such as the order number, email, last name, address, etc...

At CIRCUIT, no commitment from you, but immediate results.

We offer you the first month of the subscription for free and then you will have FullService access. You will benefit from the best features of technology without having to worry about anything else.


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#Team Circuit

First month is free

90 ht
without tax/month
  • * 200 monthly deliveries
  • Up to 10 delivery people
  • Access to our API
  • iOS mobile application access
  • Android mobile application access
  • Real-time tracking
  • Custom dashboard access

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#Team Circuit

CIRCUIT is an online platform that allows merchants and their customers to track all their deliveries in real-time.



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#Team Circuit

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